Representatives of the Health Technology Assessment Division (HTAD) headed by Director Anna Melissa Guerrero attended the knowledge exchange session with the United Kingdom’s National Health Service Consortium for Global Health (NHSC) – represented by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on 18-19 October 2022 held in The Peninsula Hotel, Makati City.

Participants from HTAD, Disease Prevention and Control Bureau (DPCB) led by Director Razel Nikka Hao, Bureau of International Health Cooperation, University of the Philippines Manila – National Institutes of Health (UPM – NIH), and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) discussed the following:

  • Introduction to NICE and the system in which it operates
  • How guideline topics are prioritized
  • How NICE guidelines and recommendations are developed
  • Putting guidance into practice
  • From guideline recommendations to quality standards and indicators
  • Bringing together HTA and guidelines roundtable

Resource persons from NICE include the following:

  • Hugh McGuire, Senior Scientific Advisor, NICE International
  • Judith Richardson, Director, Health & Social Care
  • Pilar Pinilla-Dominguez, Associate Director, NICE International (virtual)
  • Annie Coppel, Associate Director, Field Team (North) and Health Sector Lead (virtual)
  • Hannah Tebbs, Technical Analyst – Economics, Methods and Economics team (virtual)

The HTAD continues to participate in capacity building activities that can further its service to its stakeholders.

Photos taken by the DPCB team

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