The Secretary of Health (SOH) approved the HTAC recommendation on the reinclusion of vasopressin in the PNF on 02 March 2022.

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Vasopressin 20 I.U./mL (I.V./I.M./S.C.) was previously listed in the Philippine National Formulary (PNF); however, it was automatically delisted in 2017 since the drug was no longer registered in the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA). On 31 August 2021, the FDA once again issued a Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) for vasopressin.

The following are the Philippine FDA-approved indications for vasopressin:

  • to increase the blood pressure in adults with vasodilatory shock (i.e., blood pressure drops due to relaxed blood vessels) who remain to have low blood pressure despite intake of fluids and catecholamines
  • treatment of diabetes insipidus (excluding nephrogenic diabetes insipidus); and
  • control of bleeding of esophageal varices (i.e., enlarged veins in the esophagus)

In reaching its recommendation for its reinclusion, the HTAC considered the following:

  • Safe and efficacious
    • The Philippine FDA issued a CPR for vasopressin which is valid until 31 August 2024. The issuance of CPR assures the efficacy and safety of the product.
  • Standard of care for the management of sepsis
    • Vasopressin is part of the standard of care for the management of septic shock and is also recommended for the management of septic shock for severe/critical COVID-19 patients.
  • No additional cost to the health system
    • There is no additional cost to the health system in using vasopressin on top of the current cost of medication per patient per regimen which ranges from Php 10, 434.00 to Php 73, 038.00 since it is part of the standard of care for septic shock.

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