Link to Department Circular:    DEPARTMENT CIRCULAR NO. 2021- 0471

Nomination to the Health Technology Assessment Council (HTAC) Subcommittee on Preventive and Promotive Health

The Health Technology Assessment Council (HTAC) was created to efficiently and effectively implement the Republic Act 11223 or the Universal Health Care (UHC) Act, through the assessment of health technologies. This aims to ensure the rational utilization of various health technologies that will be funded by the government, through its recommendations on COVID-19 technologies, urgent DOH National Program topics, and other minor inclusion requests for drugs and vaccines already listed in the Philippine National Formulary (PNF). 

The HTAC has yet to open the call for the next pool of experts due to a shift in priorities. However, one of the members of the HTAC Subcommittee (SC) on Preventive and Promotive Health Services will be leaving their post effective 31 October 2021. 

In line with this, the DOH is starting the call for nominations to the SC on Preventive and Promotive Health with the following functions:

  • Exercise control over the expected quality, quantity, and timeliness of the HTA reports to be submitted to the Core Committee; 
  • Consider the submissions of the industry, assessment teams, inputs from experts and patients for the preliminary recommendations to the Core Committee; 
  • Evaluate the compliance of the assessment teams, with the agreed methodological standards in conducting assessments; and 
  • Review and endorse the initial appraisal report to the HTA Core Committee for final discussion and recommendation.

Given the crucial role of the Council in evidence-based recommendations, the following are the qualifications of the HTAC members:

  • Person of moral and intellectual integrity;
  • A recognized specialist in their respective field of expertise;
  • With at least 3 years experience in evidence appraisal; and,
  • Willingness to disclose conflicts of interest.

We are kindly requesting your good Office to submit the names and contact details of  your nominees at on or before 05 November 2021.