HTAC Evaluation for COVID-19 Vaccine Assessments 

The Evaluation Framework for COVID-19 Vaccines sets the direction for vaccine selection, HTAC emphasizes.

The Health Technology Assessment Council (HTAC) recognizes the importance of COVID-19 vaccination as a key strategy in controlling the pandemic.

Our efforts to produce evidence-based recommendations supporting the country’s crisis response began in March 2020. We conducted rapid reviews of various health technologies to guide decision-makers towards evidence-based policies. These comprise our strengthened response efforts against the ongoing public health emergency, and we continue to uphold our standards to ensure safe and effective interventions for COVID-19.

The HTAC asserts its commitment towards efforts to advance the approval and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, and maintains strict discipline in developing guidance for vaccine use. Where available, we review scientific evidence once released, and prioritize in our assessments the most vulnerable groups of our society.

The HTAC presents its Evaluation Framework for COVID-19 Vaccines to ensure we communicate our bases for COVID-19 vaccine recommendations in the most transparent way possible. The evaluation framework reflects important factors considered such as the vaccine’s safety, efficacy, affordability, feasibility of implementation, acceptability and other potential impacts on society. 

Our criteria for recommendations align with FDA approval processes using standards of safety and efficacy. Before formal recommendation from the HTAC, COVID-19 vaccines must thus receive emergency use authorization. 

HTA Philippines maintains that vaccines can help lessen further impacts from COVID-19. Our careful review of data continues as we prepare to recommend safe, effective, and affordable coronavirus vaccines. As more information about treatments and interventions emerge, we remain committed to keeping our assessments up to date.

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