Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Philippines is excited to present a series of webinars on Administrative Order 2020-0041 and its annexes, the Philippine HTA Process and Methods Guides.

We’re pleased to invite stakeholders to attend our webinars and learn more about how you can participate in HTA.

Speakers from the Department of Health, Department of Science and Technology, the HTA Council, and the HTA Unit will present how HTA has empowered us to make decisions that bring us closer to achieving universal health care.


Watch our Webinar livestreams through the links below:                                                                       Link to the Webinar Slide sets:

   For Researchers and The Academe:                                                             Session 1 :

   For Government Offices, Healthcare Providers, and the Industry:          Session 2 :

   For Patient Groups and the General Public:                                                 Session 3 :


Read our HTA 101 Question and Answers Here:

HTA 101 Session 1:
HTA 101 Session 2:
HTA 101 Session 3:


Question and Answer Document Preview (Sessions 1 to 3):