The event draws its theme from the World Evidence-Based Healthcare (EBHC) Day held on 20 October each year. It is a global initiative that aims to champion improved health outcomes through better evidence that informs healthcare policy, practice and decision making.
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a stream of new information presented constantly to clinicians, patients, policy decision makers and the public. There exists an urgent need to collect, evaluate, and act on this information if the national health system strives to strengthen health emergency response efforts and achieve universal healthcare. The Health Technology Assessment Council (HTAC) in the Philippines remains committed towards supporting the Department of Health (DOH) as it leads the country’s COVID-19 response efforts.
The HTA Council has been releasing guidance documents and evidence summaries on the use of health technologies for COVID-19, such as diagnostic tools. This webinar seeks to inform stakeholders on the process and methods employed as well as key challenges in producing synthesized evidence and knowledge for decision making. It also aims to highlight how policymakers and implementers adopt HTAC recommendations.

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